There are so many photos I have to share and I have neglected this blog beyond really any come back… but I’m gonna give it a try!

So last month a wonderful thing happened in Lubbock! Lain set up a photographers group here so we can all work together and for each other. The first meeting was awesome, and I meet so many people that I had never meet but maybe seen their blog! Well we meet again the other night and Lain shared and awesome video on branding… and well that made me want to get my butt in gear… I’m a major slacker… and really for no reason, I know I should be better and I’m going to be! So I set out and made a new logo for my self… see up top neat right…(PLEASE SAY YES)! And I’m going to work on some new cards tomorrow who knows maybe tonight!

Also that night we talked about our images and really defining your self… well that’s fairly easy for me because I know what I like and I know what I don’t I don’t have much grey area! But we were asked not only what we liked but WHY? Umm… well gee I’ve never really thought about it but okay the things that I liked and the reasons I liked them had things in common… I like things that last, and have lots of color and patterns, but that are clean, and in my photos anything goes! I’m not a white shirt jeans for the whole family photographer… I really suggest against it! Dress your self as you normally would, if you always wear shorts and flip flops then thats what you wear… ya might just make sure its clean! So looking threw a few of my recent photos I’m going to pick five {instead of posting a million photos}! BTW you can visit my personal… yes personal blog here I was using that one as my one and only blog… but then one thing lead to another and it was always about me post! anyways back to the photos…

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