July was a crazy month for us; I finished a summer class, lily had many private ballet lessons and we had lots of playmates! August has been twice as crazy! We were very lucky this summer to take a fantastic vacation to Disneyland! Lots of planning and anticipation we took two planes (first flight for the kids, which is scary with a peanut allergy!) We made it and let me just say, pay the extra say in a Disney hotel… Read more »

This is the last post for the year… I have so very much enjoyed this and looking back is so much fun. This weeks theme is “last day” mine is easy, nothing fancy or crazy… sitting around with the people I love the most. I look forward every day for our down time in the evening, I crave this time when life is so hectic and these moments don’t come enough. Just to all be together enjoying one another company… Read more »

Well this is the end of me and mine for 2012, and wow where has this year gone? I’m very thankful for this year but I’m always ready for a new one. For this post my photographer friend Tiffany Christie was such a sweet friend and we exchanged mini photo shoots for Christmas cards. It’s so nice to have a friend like her! Go see the end of the year photos, with the beautifulHope Toliver | Tulsa Senior & Family… Read more »