52 week project {week 22} | Lubbock, Tx Photographer


This weeks theme is “Innocence”, right now my sweet girl who just finished kindergarten curled up reading her favorite books is beyond innocent.

Cara Harrison

52 week project {week 19} | Lubbock, TX Photographer


This weeks project is “favorite song”, I almost didn’t do this because well I wasn’t real sure what to do. Last minute driving my kids home I had the best idea, its been raining all day here, and it just happened that Casting Crowns “Praise you in this storm” came on the radio. This song always brings tears to my eye, it has such meaning and the fact that my kids know it word for word makes it even better. I got the idea from another talented photographer Allison Jacobs, she is far better at the song to video/photos than I am but I had to give it a try!

Go listen and view everyones favorite song this week, Linsey Stuckey, Photography.

52 week project {week 18} | Lubbock, TX photographer


This weeks theme is “Temptation” let me be honest when I’m beyond crazy busy with work and kids and life I’m always tempted to stop everything grab the nutella. A few spoonfuls and I’m a happy lady, and I will just sit and enjoy it.

Please be tempted to go view everyone photo this week. Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Child and Family Photographer

52 week project {Week 17} | Lubbock, TX Photographer


This weeks theme is Facial Features, needless to say I had a little fun doing this!

Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Family Photographer is next in the circle of very talented photographers

52 week project {week 15} | Lubbock, TX Photographer


This weeks theme is “shoes” I happen to love shoes I could wear a different pair each day for about two months. Most of my shoes are comfy but I do happen to have quite the collection of what I call pretty shoes. I free lance for the local new paper and magazine and I’m often shooting people in their work place there for I feel the need too look as professional as they do often resulting in me wearing shoes that will kill my feet after being in them for a few hours. I shot this on thursday, it happened to be one of those days where I went from 9-4 in these shoes, my feet are killing me but I looked nice!

Hop on over and see what fantastic shoes these ladies have Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Child and Family Photographer.

52 week project {week 14} | Lubbock, Tx Photographer


This weeks theme is “Explain a Person (anything but their face)” well of corse my kiddos would be the subject! ;) After all they are by far my most favorite little people. Since the weather here has been lovely, that means a lot of outside time. So in the evenings while dinner cooks we play outside. Normally I would not let Lily bring her ds outside but since it was for the photo and that happens to be one of her most favorite things to play with on the weekends. And then there’s Jake who is always barefoot and carting around a few dozen cars, trucks and motorcycles. I can’t think of a time when we left the house and he didn’t have an arm full of toys. His dirty little feet seem somewhat clean in the photo but let me assure you, there was a long bath with lots of scrubbing after this.

Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Child and Family Photographer is next in the circle please check her and the rest of the fabulous photographers out.