52 week project {week 21} | Lubbock, Tx Photographer


This weeks project is “Shoot a Stranger” I find this poses a bit of a challenge for me in a way I don’t want people to think I’m weird…. lol! I do have some special strangers that I shot though, I’m bless to be a member of a church growing like a fire for the word of God. Every now and then I’m lucky to help photograph baptism’s or a service that has a special meaning. There are 3 locations for my church and an average of 5 services at each location… reaching many! So the average head count is around 800 for 1 service on a sunday morning and I can for sure tell you I don’t know most of these people I know the ones I work with, within the church and the sweet families in bible study with us. So here are some special stranger all with the purpose of worshiping Jesus.

Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Family Photographer

If by chance you want to hear the message for our church you can find it at Experience Life Now

52 project {WEEK 52} | Lubbock, Tx photographer


WHOLY BATMAN I MADE IT A YEAR…!!!! I wont lie this time last year I had very little faith in myself for completing a whole year! We are finishing this how we started it with a self portrait! I’m such a fan of all the ladies that made this a fabulous group for the last 52 weeks. I’m proud of them all it seems simple to post weekly, but they call it a challenge for a reason. I’m beyond grateful to have spent the year blogging with such amazing photographer, I can’t wait to see what they all do this year.

Jobrina Hofleit, Goodyear, AZ Photographer will have a lovely photo to share she always does, the circle is much smaller this final week… 6 total to think we started with 20!

And if you notice I’m doing double duty this year I’m with a different group of people this year for another 52 week project and then a 26 week project, I hope you’ll check those out!

52 Project {week 51} | Lubbock, TX Photographer


This project is almost over and wow… is all I can say! This weeks Theme is “Winter” in the lovely Lubbock, Texas you never know what you’ll get weather wise. Some years we have a winter and more years than not we don’t everything turns brown and it stays in the 60′s. We’ve had two snow falls/dustings so far this year, and my guess is that will be all we get.

Please see the full circle Liza Hall want more info on this crazy 52 week project, head over too The Bloom Blog!

52 Project {week 50} | Lubbock,TX Photographer


Well, its week 50 I’m in shock and slightly sad, I’ve had a great time going through this circle of fantastic photographers each week and it’s coming to an end… just two more weeks! This weeks theme is “Memories” I’ve been called an elephant because I remember everything down to little details, this is a fantastic skill at sometimes but it can be sad for other memories. So lets keep it light, my mom always made Christmas an extra special time for us, she LOVED it and the house was always covered in everything Christmas and snowmen, it’s been seven years since she’s passed and I wont lie I think this is the first year that I’ve fully given in to the season and haven’t let any sorrow take over.

This is our elf Henry, he visited us for the first time two years ago and we look forward to him each year. The kids love finding him first thing in the morning and seeing what he’s been up too, they color him pictures and are head over heals for him. I love making this memory with my kids.

Go see the rest of the memories this week in the circle Jenn Duguay, Valleyview, Alberta Photographer is sure to impress.

52 Project {week 49} | Lubbock, TX Photographer


This weeks theme is “Music”, we love music in this house everyone sings and plays together, my husband is a fantastic guitar player he’s very modest about his talent its a shame. Jake got his little drum set from santa two years ago and still rocks out on it… often! {I thought I’d bust out the lens baby for this one}

Go check out the Rock’n Jobrina Hofleit, Goodyear, AZ Photographer and skip around the circle and see what everyone had jingling! ;)

52 Project {week 48} | Lubbock, Tx Photographer


This weeks theme is “In the Kitchen”, I’m often in the kitchen like 6 nights out of the week not to included breakfast and lunches. So I thought I would set up everything for my little ones to make some cookies, I had planned on making them any way but it just took a little extra time to measure everything out and set it in bowls for them. Malted milk chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookie recipe at this moment. I HIGHLY recommend them!

Head over to the kitchen with Liza Hall and keep an eye out and check Everything Bloom blog I’m sure you’ll be seeing amazing images for Christmas!