This weeks project is “Shoot a Stranger” I find this poses a bit of a challenge for me in a way I don’t want people to think I’m weird…. lol! I do have some special strangers that I shot though, I’m bless to be a member of a church growing like a fire for the word of God. Every now and then I’m lucky to help photograph baptism’s or a service that has a special meaning. There are 3 locations… Read more »

WHOLY BATMAN I MADE IT A YEAR…!!!! I wont lie this time last year I had very little faith in myself for completing a whole year! We are finishing this how we started it with a self portrait! I’m such a fan of all the ladies that made this a fabulous group for the last 52 weeks. I’m proud of them all it seems simple to post weekly, but they call it a challenge for a reason. I’m beyond grateful… Read more »

This project is almost over and wow… is all I can say! This weeks Theme is “Winter” in the lovely Lubbock, Texas you never know what you’ll get weather wise. Some years we have a winter and more years than not we don’t everything turns brown and it stays in the 60’s. We’ve had two snow falls/dustings so far this year, and my guess is that will be all we get. Please see the full circle Liza Hall want more… Read more »