This school year is coming to an end, and this means changes. My baby… I mean big boy is all done with preschool and will be in Kindergarten next year. I’m not ready for this, I know when they start elementary it all goes by so quickly! I love my little boy, I’m so proud and can’t wait o see all that he does. And what would a boy be without his two best buds, so thankful for these kids… Read more »

So I missed the last group post and I hate that, but I’m going to try and never skip again. But all that being said I almost didn’t make this post I knew it was coming but I have two kids in school, a photography business, and a home to take care of and oh yea I put myself back into school! My life is crazy right now… that is all I know! I had to share a photo of… Read more »

This weeks theme is “Through the window”, I had really wanted to go to my grandparents and catch some wild life (squirrels, and birds) in from their sunroom but I never found the time. However I did have these images that I totally loved! This is a senior, Billy his photos where a lot of fun I not used to a boy telling me… nothing city like! I think it’s a very big change in a young persons life, its… Read more »