May Just Us | Lubbock, Tx photographer


This school year is coming to an end, and this means changes. My baby… I mean big boy is all done with preschool and will be in Kindergarten next year. I’m not ready for this, I know when they start elementary it all goes by so quickly! I love my little boy, I’m so proud and can’t wait o see all that he does. And what would a boy be without his two best buds, so thankful for these kids and their momma’s!


The lovely and talented,
Tamsen Donker | Creative Clicks Photography | Niagara Newborn Photographer

26 week project {me & mine} | Lubbock, TX Photographer


So I missed the last group post and I hate that, but I’m going to try and never skip again. But all that being said I almost didn’t make this post I knew it was coming but I have two kids in school, a photography business, and a home to take care of and oh yea I put myself back into school! My life is crazy right now… that is all I know!

I had to share a photo of Lily and myself and her new pet guinea pig “Rocky”. Rocky is her early birthday gift, and she loves her very much its so sweet. I’m quite fond of her myself… she loves to cuddle! It’s hard to believe that my little girl will be seven in two days! I’m in shock… these past seven years have raced by but they have been so fantastic and I have so many great memories. I’m so thankful and blessed to have this little girl in my life.

Next in the circle of lovely ladies is Jayme Franklin | San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer. Have an awesome weekend girls!

26 week project {Through the window} | Lubbock, TX photographer


This weeks theme is “Through the window”, I had really wanted to go to my grandparents and catch some wild life (squirrels, and birds) in from their sunroom but I never found the time. However I did have these images that I totally loved! This is a senior, Billy his photos where a lot of fun I not used to a boy telling me… nothing city like! I think it’s a very big change in a young persons life, its making choices that are not always easy. I found this to be very reflective of where he’s been and what waits for him on the other side. Side note I totally love OLD ran down farm houses.

See through the windows of all the other lovely ladies this week,Allison Jacobs | Orange County Photographer.

26 week project {Summer nights} | Lubbock, TX Photographer


This weeks theme is summer nights, I love the nights when there is no care about the time and the conversations just flow. This was a great summer night spent with my brother and seesters families and my aunt and cousin, after we celebrated my grandmothers 80th birthday.

Go see the rest of the lovely ladies summer nights, Allison Jacobs | Orange County Photographer.

56 week project {week 11} | Lubbock, Tx Photographer


Green, with envy! Thats the theme for this week, and all I can say is spring is springing up around here and I’m beyond excited. In flat land where the winds are strong and the dirt blows it’s a lovely sight to see blooming trees and green grass. And the envious part would be the energy that children have… that I used to have beyond jealous.

Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Child and Family Photographer is the next lovely photographer in the circle.

52 Week Project {week 8} | Lubbock, Tx Photographer


This weeks theme is “Pretend” with two young kids there is a lot of pretending going on in my house. I wont lie I love hearing it, the stories they make up and they way they play I’m always impressed with how their imagination goes wild.
The first are a few of my Lily doing what she loves the most playing barbies… she has a huge collection of barbies and enough clothes to change each ones outfit 5x a day!
The last few… well whats better than your dad being a horse! Soon Jake will be too big to do this with so I’m glad I captured it while he’s still small enough to ride.

Play pretend with the rest of the lovely circle of photographers, Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Child and Family Photographer.