I don’t know about you, but it seems like babies come in bunches!!! What a lucky girl am I that I get to cuddle and hold these new little people!

I adore this sweet family, Kyle is our family pastor at Church and his lovely wife is just AWESOME! Not to mention their little girl, she is a riot! She is one of my favorite little people EVER!

Back to Mr. C, this little(big) bundle of joy, was so sweet. And since I’m posting this almost 5 months late I can fill you in and let you know he is such a cute baby and happy!!!

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Our family had the very best honor of hosting this sweet little guy for almost the whole month of February.

Back in June 2014 we started the foster care process. Josh and I have been called to serve these kiddo’s. After a few weeks of messages from our church called 1 Less Orphan, we really felt the calling. We took a few months to pray about it, and seek counsel. Once we felt like God had spoken clearly to us we signed up for classes and started that process.

Then one very cold snowy day early February, I got a phone call from our case worker asking if we would like to do respite care for a new little guy. He had a great family he was going to, but they didn’t know he was coming! We once again prayed, and I said yes very  quickly. I mean who would say no to a brand new baby?

Boy did our family grow leaps and bounds that day!  Our kids got to see what it was like to love someone unconditionally. What was supposed to be a short term care turned into 20 days. I am so thankful for all of those day, and even more that we got to know the adoptive family.

When you have a newborn baby living at your house, and you didn’t just give birth to said baby you have a ton of energy! I sent daily updates to the parents because I knew their hearts were longing to be with their new little guy, but I relished my time with him!!! And that ended up with newborn photos!

MistySetzler-7 MistySetzler-9 MistySetzler-24





I had the privilege to photography this extended family in the winter. The daughter’s both did pageants and let me tell you they are posing pro’s!


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