There is nothing more I love then watching kids grow up! I had the privilege to photography these cute kids again! Even better over the past year I’ve got to know them better, and Little Miss and my daughter have become very sweet friends. So when I was asked to take their photos again, I couldn’t wait! You can’t deny their cuteness but thats really just a perk because they are so much fun!











As a group we decide to post a few days later, since it fell on Thanksgiving why not post a family shot from that holiday. Thanksgiving is a mixed bag of emotions for me, it was the last holiday I spent with my mom in 2004. It was just a week and a half before she passed away, so on Thanksgiving I miss her terribly but it gives me so much to be thankful for. Little daily things I try not to over look them like helping my kindergartener count to 100 in all different ways, watching ballerina put on a thousand shows that she had just thrown together.

This year was extra special my brother and his family came down on Wednesday and my sweet nephew drove in thursday and left the very next day. He was here less than 24 hours and drove for 12 hours total. That means a lot to me, I’m grateful for the time we got to spend together. I love him dearly and I’m so proud of what a handsome and sweet young man he is becoming. He also was volunteered to take our family photo for the evening, and being as sweet as he is, he didn’t have the heart to tell my crazy aunt to get out of the photo… so I have a handful of images with her photo bombing us in every single shot!


I’m so thankful for all the lovely ladies I’m able to get to know via photography and our monthly circle, Krista Keller | Danville CA family photographer